Company culture.
Leadership coaching.


Experienced worldwide. Experienced accross frameworks.

During last 10 years I had many wonderful opportunities being in different positions and roles. Sometimes in parallel.


As I have visited multiple types of companies in several countries with a different type of leadership of management I may help you to understand what really matters and where to go. I have multiple certifications from the elemental company processes and cultural areas. I don’t have all the answers. Nobody does. But basic understanding of diversity and people as a value is one of the core ways to big achievements.

My services

Check the strongest company world areas where I can help you

These services are not limited or bordered. My services are here to help you and your company to improve.

Agile transformation for companies & teams

Are you searching for a way to save money & deliver faster? Or would you like to improve your company and targeting of your products?

Company strategy and company culture

Are you aware where your company or department is going to? And do you know what you and people in your company really value? What matters?

Move your department to another level

Are you currently struggling about moving to another level? Corporate do not want to let you or you just do not know how to improve more? There are always bad and good ways to go.

Consultations, coaching or mentoring

Is there anything else that bothers you? Scrum masters do not cooperate? People are not motivated? Products are not aligned? Do you have to meet ISO standards? Anything else to help?


The best proof that it all make sense are people and their achievements.

“Jakub is an amazing combination of People and Process oriented person. He can see everything in wide spectrum and consequences which leads to strategy thinking and influencing others to improve and think out of the box. I am glad for all the opportunities to work with him.”

Filip Janovic

“Working with Jakub was very enriching due to his passion for finding original and many times even spectacular recommendations and solutions for given problematics. Special thanks belong to him for his understanding of ‘Done’ and motivating others to see it the same correct way”


“Via the opportunity to work with Jakub I can highlight his common sense and understanding of the situation. He is able to react fast and guide you to the correct solution. He is the right choice for improvement and every interaction with him gives you the positive direction.”

Daniel Bozek
Applications support manager

“I enjoyed cooperation with Jakub because of his extraordinary communication skills that made him a natural born leader of every discussion we attended. I was also impressed by his process orientation and his capability of finding general patterns in business cases we implemented.”

Jan Prudil
ITSM Team manager

“Jakub is a great professional who knows how to help teams to achieve their goals through agile techniques h. I admire the way he can deal with people and solve managerially difficult situations. His meeting facilitation is unique – from boring meetings becomes productive and funny ones – leading teams and processes are better.”

Radek Kitner

What I like and support

Projects, institutions, companies, individuals… there are so many of them in the world. But there are some which I particularly like! I had the opportunity to support or collaborate on them.


Boring meetings

We all know that. Meetings are boring. Meetings disturb us from work. Meetings are usually a waste of time. There may be a lot of reasons. Bad facilitator. No preparation.[…]

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Quality organization cannot be agile – ISO9001:2015

Especially big companies know it well. They have decided to start being competitive again and being agile. But! They must follow standards. Customers need it. The public sector requests it.[…]

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Time of people is not equal

Each big company has its own hierarchy. The CEO, VPs, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Employees and many many more. Sometimes it more matters what your title is than the purpose you[…]

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