Boring meetings

We all know that. Meetings are boring. Meetings disturb us from work. Meetings are usually a waste of time. There may be a lot of reasons. Bad facilitator. No preparation. Long duration. Nothing to look at. Too many people. Disrupting people. But there is one mutual factor. The goal of the meeting. The key success…
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Quality organization cannot be agile – ISO9001:2015

Especially big companies know it well. They have decided to start being competitive again and being agile. But! They must follow standards. Customers need it. The public sector requests it. At least the basic one. And the basic one is called ISO9001. And because of ISO and because of all invested money, there is no…
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Time of people is not equal

Each big company has its own hierarchy. The CEO, VPs, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Employees and many many more. Sometimes it more matters what your title is than the purpose you are there for. Anyway, today we are speaking about time. Time is money. And it is absolutely true. Even worse. Based on who you are,…
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